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Game Introduction:-

The story is set in 1992 . year. The main hero of the game, Carl Johnson. His friends and acquaintances call him Si-Jay. He has a brother and a sister Kendl Suite. He had another younger brother Brian, who died. In the first scene, his brother tells him that his mother was killed by Balasa. Upon learning that his mother had died after 5 years of living in Liberty City returns to Los Santos and decides to stay there forever. However, three officers (tenpen, Pulaski and Hernandez), but he was arrested at the exit from the airport: A small hint that all is not well at home either. Meanwhile, his brother Sweet, and friends Ryder and Big Smouk are the only remaining members of his once great clan. It engages with the intent to restore its reputation and guild members, but all the while feeling that something has changed, as friends refuse to tell him. Once he met a man named Caesar (in love with his sister) and who will follow him through many missions.
Output from Los Santos
One day, Dawn decides that he and his men went to a place where they take care of Balasore forever. We’ll agree to Si-Jay left. Meanwhile, Caesar called him to come to one place. Karl starts thinking they will not find anything special about him. When he came, he saw nothing special. But shortly thereafter, outputs a pair of Balasa, Big Smouk, Ryder, tenpen, Pulaski, and Hernandez. Karl at that moment he realizes that his brother went right into the trap. When Karl arrived, he found his brother wounded. Si-Jay kills the remaining Balas and soon the police arrived to arrest Karl and Suites. When he awoke, he saw Karl Tenpenija, Hernandez and Pulaski, and were located in a remote hamlet.
San Fierro
When Karl met new friends, hippies, which is called the Truth (The Truth) went in San Fiero. He is Karla met with your friends: Jethro, Dwayne, and acorns. None of them played an important role, except Zira, who sells toys. Si-Jay meets friends Vuzija, who is blind and belongs to the Triads. Through him he met four men, Ti-Bouna, Mother of Turin, Jizya and other former Charles Ryder. The plan was to take this company down, so what will Karl do for them, and then kill them. The only one who remained alive Mike Torino.
Going to Las Venturas

When Karl finished all the work in San Fiero, some unknown persons invited him to come to Las Venturas environment. It was Turin. He asked him to do a lot of things, but the culmination of all is to learn to fly a plane. When Charles learned to fly, Turin has asked him to do some more work. One evening, the Truth has come to that airport to the caution and do some things for him. They went to one base area 69. There is Karl had to take a completely secret machine called Jet Baker . This machine is brought to the Truth. Then he did a few more things for the truth and later went to Las Venturas at the invitation of his friend Vuzija. There, he fought against the mafia, do things for Vuzija while not completely won the Mafia. Meanwhile, tenpen killed Hernandez and Karl killed Pulaski. That left only the tenpen.
Return to Los Santos
Karl has finally arrived in Los Santos to get revenge on Big Smokey and tenpen, which will be done in the last mission End of the Line or in translation, end of the line. The team have completed all of the Charles concerns.

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