GLTools (gfx optimizer) v3.00 Full Cracked APK


GLTools is a custom OpenGLES driver (proxy), that is compatible with any known OpenGLES 2.0-compatible GPU + ARM or x86 processor. If you still don’t understand, what this app is, the closest known analog is Chainfire3D.


  •     Change resolution and rendering bitness in any app, even if it doesn’t support that by default.
  •     Change GPU name and enjoy enhanced graphics even on a noname low-end GPU.
  •     Take full control over textures: now you can decompress/recompress them (even if your GPU doesn’t support that texture format) and resize. Note that decompression feature is available only if you’ll install a plugin (internet is required to do that).
  •     Optimize shaders on-the-fly for optimal performance (the same optimizer is used in Unity3D engine by default).
  •     Enable MSAA or CSAA in any app to improve graphics quality (make sure that your GPU supports that).
  •     Measure gained performance with a nice onscreen FPS counter (or you can output FPS information to Logcat if you are a pro).


All Operation Are Performed At Your Own Risk ….. Requires Root Rights … But Developer say its 100% safe …

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GLTools (gfx optimizer) v3.00 Full Cracked APK [13.8 MB]
GLTools (gfx optimizer) v3.00 Full Cracked APK GLTools (gfx optimizer) v3.00 Full Cracked APK Reviewed by RDT UNIVERSE on June 01, 2017 Rating: 5

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