Download Windows XP img file for limbo pc emulator

Hey, Guy’s Here You Can Download Windows XP IMG File For Limbo PC…

How To Install On Your Phone?

1. Go to Settings.
2. Go to Security.
3. Go to Unknown Sources.
4. Make sure Unknown Sources is checked.
5. Download the Limbo PC Emulator Android App here.
6. Download the File Manager here.
7. Be sure to download whichever Windows Operating System above.
8. Open up the File Manager.
9. Go to Internal Storage and then Downloads.
10. Choose the Windows Operating System you just downloaded.
11. Tap and hold on it and then choose the three dots in the top right.
12. Select copy and copy it to internal storage and then look for limbo
13. This is the path you should choose: Root and then SD card and the limbo
14. Paste it into the limbo folder
15. Open the Limbo app
16. Tap on Load Machine–> None–> Tap it–> New–> Name the Machine anything
17. Architecture–>X86 and Machine Type–> PC
18. CPU Model–> qemu32 and CPU Cores–> 1
19. RAM Memory–> Make this at least 500 MB. If you have a faster phone you can make it more than 500 MB
20. Check Hard Disk A and then tap on none and hit open and Select the Windows Operating system in the Limbo folder
21. Go to Misc and make sure VGA display says STD
22. For User Interface do the following:
Make the User Interface selection SDL
Orientation–> Landscape
Check Fullscreen
23. Under Advanced:
Check High Priority
24. You can now press PLAY

Watch Video Tutorial How To Install Windows On Android


If You Don’t Know How To Download?

Download Here

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