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The launch of God of War is just over a month away, an occasion that marks the first major PS4 exclusive release of the year for Sony. More importantly, God of War is the first new game in the series to be released in five years. Sony plans to go all out for the launch, and as such, has announced a PS4 Pro package that comes with a specially designed console and controller.

As shown below, the console is mainly silver and gray, with some yellow and dark gray highlights. The upper part of the console is adorned with the skill tree of the game that is used to update the new Kratos Leviathan Ax. On the front, you'll see runes that represent different realms of the game. The corresponding controller presents a much simpler design with the same colors; the correct grip includes the Huldra Brothers brand that is also seen in the Leviathan Ax, while the touchpad has the God of War logo.

Both the system (which is otherwise a 1 TB PS4 Pro standard) and the controller are available in the God of War PS4 Pro limited edition package. It also includes a physical copy of God of War and "digital content" not specified. It will be launched on the day of the game, on April 20, and will cost $ 400 in the US. UU (The same price as a standard PS4 Pro) or $ 500, CAD. The package will also be available internationally, although the specific price has not been shared.

As noted earlier, God of War is the first game in the series since God of War 2013: Ascension. The new entry presents a markedly different tone from the previous games, as it focuses on Norse (rather than Greek) mythology and the story of Kratos and his son, Atreus. In addition to the base version, there are also more expensive special editions available, although you will not get them with the new PS4 Pro package.

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