AVG PC TuneUp 2018 With Crack Download

AVG PC Tunup is your one-stop shop that helps you recover from slowing down problems by getting more from your PC. It is designed to give you all the necessary tools to keep your system in top shape!

AVG PC Tuneup can fix issues affecting your PC's performance and ensures a fast running PC. This software suite provides more than 18 tools to help you get the most out of your PC.

AVG PC Tuneup Features:

  1. Turbo mode. One click closes unnecessary processes, fast browsing, gaming, and releases power for video.
  2. Program deactivator Disables the programs that you never use to stop the processor's motion without uninstalling them.
  3. Startup optimizer The jump starts by recognizing your PC and recommending which ones to begin to stop unnecessary programs and services.
  4. startup Manager. Recognizes and rates all startup programs, so that you can tell at a glance which is necessary and which is slowing you down.
  5. Drive defrag Restores files to your hard drive to reduce boot time.
  6. Live Optimization Works silently in the background, gives continuous priority to all running applications and processes to increase load speed and PC performance.
  7. Automatic start-stop mode. AVG PC Tunup 2018 allows any program that you have disabled with a programactive deactivator to reactivate in a single click.
  8. Disk Doctor Crashes, Hardware Defects and Power Blackout File System Problems can cause problems that prevent programs from starting. Disk Doc helps to prevent this problem by checking files completely and fixing issues.
  9. Registry Defrag. Like a hard drive, your registry grows and changes, so your registry breaks end. Registry defrag reconfigures your registry to speed up performance and overcome problems in accessing the database.
  10. registry cleaner. The system helps prevent crashes and helps to start problems by eliminating unnecessary, orphaned or broken keys, pointers and entries, or tampering your registry.
  11. Shortcut Cleaner Helps you maintain a clean, uncontrolled desktop by removing 'Dead' shortcuts and by removing the empty folders on your desktop and starting the menu.
  12. Economy mode significantly increases battery life by reducing the power consumption of the processor, reducing unnecessary background processes and reducing the power consumed by internal and external devices.
  13. Disk Space Explorer Analyzes internal and external hard drives, finds 100 largest files taking disk space and lets you delete them.
  14. Get disc discs. Empties the disk space and moves your PC by removing temporary files and browsers marks that suppress your hard drive.
  15. A lot of trouble Normal extinction does not always remove all data. The shredder frees up space and removes the data safely. Its guaranteed procedures can never be used by anyone else.

More Features:-

  1. Automatic Maintenance automatically performs routine maintenance when you are not using your PC. Including defragmentation of your hard drive and registry, removal of broken files, broken shortcuts and much more.
  2. One Click Maintenance Saves time, without coming in your way, as well as executing dozens of tune-up steps.
  3. Adaptation status Keeps track of the health of your PC continuously to provide an up-to-date checklist of steps to increase performance. The easiest way to keep track of your tune-up status
  4. Repair wizard Performs up to 200 checks and displays recommendations prepared to take action manually or automatically
  5. uninstall Manager. Identifies programs that are rarely or never used and help you to clear disk space and faster startup, remove them quickly and easily.
  6. Undelete Even after emptying your Recycle Bin - prevents data loss by first reinstating deleted files.
  7. process Manager. Allows you to see all the processes running on your PC so that you can easily identify and eliminate resource hunger processes.
  8. rescue center. A single, easy-to-use interface to help you get back to your previous settings.
  9. Registered Editor. With the easy-to-use search function, Registry Editor makes editing permissions simple and silly proofs.
  10. Styler It makes it fast and easy to personalize your PC. To make Windows look like this, mix dozens of fresh new designs that are unique to you.
  11. The settings center has to face troubles with optimization by bringing all your important settings together in one easy-to-use window.
  12. performance Report. Makes easy to follow individual recommendations for increasing PC performance.
  13. Program rating automatically recognizes which resource intensive programs are meaningful and which are not using a simple star rating system. Includes user community recommendations to help you decide on increasing the reported performance.
  14. system Info. Track vulnerabilities and errors to help you unlock the full potential of your PC. Separate and neutralize memory, CPU and network intensive processes with just a few clicks for optimal performance.

How To Activate This Software:-

  1. Disconnect internet
  2. Install AVG PC TuneUp
  3. Launch AVG PC TuneUp
  4. Use serial key given to activate the application
  5. Block AVG PC TuneUp with your firewall
  6. That’s All, Enjoy


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